About us



We believe that spirituality is your personal journey to connect with Divine guidance and energy. Whatever our different religious beliefs or experience, there is a desire for a powerful personal connection with our higher power. Celestial Exchange offers products to help you create and maintain this powerful connection.

Our exclusive products:

▪ Our Absolutely Angela Intention Candles have herbs, oils, and crystals that increase the potency of each specific candle’s intention.

▪ Our Aura Cleansing sprays can be used in your home, office, car, and on your body. These sprays instantly clear the air of negativity and leave behind beautiful, peaceful scents.

▪ Our Heavenly Oils can be used as perfume, in oil burners or diffusers, dropped on potpourri, or placed on charcoals to enhance manifestation fires outside.

▪ We have many products to cleanse, like our salt baths and sage, and other products to manifest, such as our crystals that can be carried with you or used as grids in your home.

Our catalog is updated each quarter, visit our website for the latest products and promotions.

We honor all paths to the Divine that are filled with love and light. We construct our products with materials and energy that can only be used for good and without manipulation. Each person’s results will vary based on your own intentions and life path. 

Disclaimer: Please use common sense with our products: Do not leave candles unattended or around small children, and be careful because sometimes a large flame will appear on your candle to complete it’s manifestation just before extinguishing. Test our oils on a small area of skin to see if there are any allergies before creating a very sensitive situation. Do not spray our products in your eyes or other sensitive areas because it will burn. Do not ingest our products, even when they smell really good. Do not feel intimidated to do anything against your spiritual beliefs. Our products are created with love and are intended to bring love and peace to you, the intention and energy are there, the rest is up to you. We wish you much luck on your journey of self-discovery. Let us know if you have any questions.